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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Ni testimoni pengguna yang ada masalah jerawat. Semua happy sebab jerawat hilang dan kecut cepat. Ada yg ambil masa 1 hari, ada yg ambil masa 2 minggu. Bergantung kepada betapa serius nya masalah jerawat sistur ye. Kalau ada yg jerawat pendam kat dalam nun...memang ambil masa sikit. Kena konsisten spray Nadine Rosemist ya. Tak susah pun nak guna, bubuh siap-siap dalam handbag ke, tepi katil ke. Bila-bila masa je..SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY je uolls

Kat mana nak dapatkan Nadine Rosemist?

Whatsapp : 019 - 4587610
Whatsapp : 019 - 4587610
Whatsapp : 019 - 4587610


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Monday, 10 October 2016

"Tepek krim jerawat kat dahi, keluar jerawat kat hidung.
Tepek krim jerawat kat dagu, keluar pulak kat pipi.
Bila jerawat ni semua nak hilang ...takkan nak tepek krim jerawat satu muka?"
(menanges di bucu katil)

Sistur jangan menanges di bucu katil dah, mari saya tolong.

Memula sistur sekalian kena faham, apa punca terjadinya jerawat ni?

Jerawat terjadi apabila campuran bakteria dan minyak semulajadi ada pada kulit terkumpul dalam liang roma lalu menyebabkan liang roma tersumbat. Bila terkena tisu kulit, maka terjadilah jerawat.

Nampak tak apakah langkah paling utama yg kita kena buat untuk lawan jerawat ni?

Yang pertama sekali, kawal penghasilan minyak semulajadi tu.
Yang kedua, ketatkan balik liang roma yg terbuka luas tu.
Selagi kedua-dua langkah ni kita tak buat, memang tipis la harapan nak dapat muka macam Neelofa.

Ada ke SATU solusi yang boleh buat langkah pertama dan kedua tu?

Mestilah ada!
Yang bestnya..solusi ni ada satu lagi fungsi tambahan yg sangat diidamkan oleh sistur sekalian iaitu
memudarkan parut jerawat.

Mari saya kenalkan dengan solusi yg awesome itteww

Nadine Rosemist
Mengatasi Masalah Jerawat dan Parut Jerawat
- mengawal penghasilan minyak pada wajah
- mengetatkan liang roma
- memudarkan parut jerawat

Jom kita tengok TESTIMONI pengguna Nadine Rosemist

Pengguna Nadine Rosemist

Banyak lagi testimoni,
Kalau nak tengok lagi testimoni, sis boleh whatsapp di 019-458 7610 (shikin)

Macam mana nak guna Nadine Rosemist?

Senang sangat sangat alahai sisturrrrr
SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY je (spray 3x letteww)
Spray satu muka, takyah risau dah tepek sana, keluar sini.
Sebotol tu, boleh tahan lebih sebulan tau.

Ada kesan sampingan tak?

Ada tau sis. Nak tau apa?
Kulit muka jadi lembab dan moisturised gitu.
Jangan risau sis..
Nadine Rosemist 100% NATURAL tanpa alkohol dan bahan kimia.
Mengandungi Vitamin C,Rose Stem Cell and Rose Extract.
Lembut dan selesa pada kulit. 
Takda menggelupas. Takda rasa pedih pun.

Kat mana nak dapatkan Nadine Rosemist?

Whatsapp : 019 - 4587610
Whatsapp : 019 - 4587610
Whatsapp : 019 - 4587610


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Friday, 7 October 2016

I recently become a SAHM. With 3 girls (11,9 and 8mo), I really don't have time to go for the full skincare regime - wash, serum, moisturise etc. Plus, when you have a baby who likes to kiss (or lick) all over your face, I try to avoid applying anything on my face including moisturiser. And it takes a toll on my sensitive dry skin. Red and dry spots were everywhere especially around the mouth zone.

I've been suffering dry and sensitive skin conditions for few years. Dry is already bad enough, it's a pretty nasty combo when it is also sensitive. And at times, it will become very oily too (I think my skin has bipolar issue la). Actually what happen is, when the skin is too dry, it will produce more natural oil to protect the outer layer. So, you know what happen when natural oil meets heavy moisturiser - super oily face.

A friend introduced Nadine Rosewater Mist more than a month ago but I'm skeptical because my sensitive skin cannot tolerate perfume in skincare. As usual, I Google to find out what makes the rosewater so hype right now. It turns out that rose petals has many benefits for the skin including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, moisturising and relaxing. And some even used it to treat eczema. 

Well, you can DIY rosewater but time is not my best friend at the moment. I don't even have time to wash my hair every 2 days. So, making rosewater from scratch is obviously not my top priority. Since Nadine Rosemist is 100% natural, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, after the first few spritz I can feel my skin is moisturised but the dry and red patches were still there. And I thought, that's all it can do. But wait........

What happen after 1 week?
Dry and red patches are GONE! Not to mention - pores are tighten meaning less white and black heads. Not to mention,my skin is moisturised but NOT oily. I repeat - moisturised but NOT oily. This is something my skin have not achieved for a long time even if I used high-end expensive moisturiser. I'm literally amazed because this rosemist is cheaper than my face wash! Who said reasonably price (read : cheap) stuff not good?

A big plus point - it's very easy to apply. SPRAY and the absorption is superb, like instantly absorb by the skin. No greasy, oily, icky, gooey residue left on your skin. And another plus point, it smells sooooooo good. 

When i said it is reasonably price, i'm not joking. I used to spend few hundreds for a jar of moisturiser and another few hundreds for serum. And... this Nadine Rose Mist is only RM45.00 for 60ml which it serves multiple function as toner, serum and moisturiser. I believe 60ml will last me more than a month even if I spray more than 2 times a day. Why no one introduced me this rosemist 2 years ago, I can save a lot money by now you know?? Plus, it smells sooooooo good. So ladies and girls, take action now. Grab a bottle - QUICKLY!

Price : RM45.00*
Postage : RM6(wm)/RM9(em)
My New Found Love
This is me, after 2 weeks using Nadine Rosemist

How To order:
Whatsapp :  019-4587610 (Shikin)
Whatsapp :  019-4587610 (Shikin)

*Promo price valid until November ONLY
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Friday, 22 May 2015

At the moment, I dont have any kind of cravings. I'm basically "eat to live" now. Obviously not my life motto before. My default selections for lunch since last week are - nasi putih (full plate, please!), bayam rebus air (a must), another vege selection and/or ikan goreng that I eat half-heartedly. I really cannot stand the smell of ikan or ayam goreng right now but what choice do I have. Gulai ikan? Yikesss...mentioning the GULAI je pun dah loya. I dont even bother to take sambal belacan.

Makanan kegemaran : Bayam Rebus
(If I were to write my biodata)
You know what? If I keep on going like this even after I give birth, I might be able to get back the figure masa zaman kegemilangan anak dara dulu-dulu. *flips tudung*

Well, obviously that is too ambitious. If based on my previous 2 pregnancies, this NO APPETITE situation is not going to last longer than 2 months. Once the loya all gone, its gonna be like...all hells broke loose. Eat, eat, eat and eat and eat again. Oh..I seriously cant wait for that moment to come. Because that is the only period in your LIFE, i repeat THE ONLY time you can eat without feeling guilty at all. And people will understand because you need to eat for two.

Lucky me, though I'm a bit picky now but I still can stuff my face with food. I wouldnt let myself to starve. But I try to avoid food that make my nausea worse such as:

Oily/fried food
- I will go for asam rebus, masak pindang or my "favourite" right now - bayam rebus air. Such a sissy selections but it works for me. If i take oily food, Im gonna have the constant urge to puke.

Coconut-based gravy
- Arghhhh..just mentioning masak lemak or gulai ikan already make my saliva starting to fill up my mouth. The strong smell and taste...aiyooo, really not my thang right now. And dont even dare to mention Ayam Percik in front of me. A big NO NO or I will puke there and then.

Spicy food
- This was the most important element in my meals before. Come on..Malaysian uolls. We put chilli in almost everything. Sambal belacan, sambal tumis, lemak cili padi were my top favorites dishes. Now, on the day I feel a bit ok, I will take but very very little. Just at the tip of the spoon like that. Otherwise, I will not take it at all.

*Sorry, no pics in this entry. I dont even dare to google the pics of these food. Let's not put my laptop at risk.

Let's share the type of food you take during this period of time.

-shikin mohd ali-
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Few days before my birthday, I got this as a gift.

I was SHOCKED when I saw these two lines. Like, seriously?? Macam tak percaya, so...I tested again (Yes...all women do this, fyi). Still positive. Now...I'm not sure whether to cry or to laugh. *I was in the toilet at the office*

WhatsApp the photo to hubs and he replied - "Confirm ke?"

Well, tested 2 times...I guess it's A BIG FAT POSITIVE that I am pregnant. 

This is a total shocker because firstly, I know I have problem with my ovulation due to prolonged usage of contraceptive pills. Secondly, my youngest is now 8 year old...just imagine the gaaaaaaap. Emotionally and physically, I totally feel like my first pregnancy all over again. 

Barely into 6 weeks of pregnancy, I'm starting to have morning sickness. Kinda early pulak this time, The first two pregnancies, it only came during the 3rd month and it will be gone after a month or so. During that agonizing one month, memang completely helpless. Bed-ridden, bangun pagi bukak mata je...muntah. Tak makan muntah. Makan pun muntah. Malam-malam pun muntah. Sigh. At that time, I thought there's nothing you can do to alleviate the morning sickness as its part and parcel of pregnancy. That was 8-10 years ago.

Now, you can conveniently google up morning sickness and 1001 ways to alleviate morning sickness will appear on your monitor/smartphone. Tried a bunch, some work and some didnt. And below are my favourite tips to alleviate morning sickness - tried and proven.

1. Hot Lemon Tea
I always love lemon even before my pregnancy. So, I continue my morning ritual of drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning. The thing is, lemon water or ice lemon tea didnt work on me. It has to be HOT lemon tea. After few sips, I will burp few times and relieve the morning sickness quite substantially. I was not even a fan of hot drinks before but now HOT lemon tea is my best friend.

Squeeze the lemon, please

2. Snacking
Regardless how heavy the meal I took, the hunger pang will strike one hour later. Once the hunger sets in, thou shall not wait. Quickly grab whatever snack you within reach. By snack I mean, HEALTHY snacking like fruits, plain biscuits, bread, nuts etc. This is the period when certain fruits taste like..yuckss!! I really cant tolerate apple right now. Honey dew is the "IN" fruit for me right now.

3. Dont Skip Breakfast
Ive got to stress this - DONT SKIP BREAKFAST because once you skip breakfast, whole day will ruin. See, people dont call breakfast as the most important meal of the day for nothing. If  you fail to get your breakfast, bloat will set in and it will stay all day long until night. Ive learned this the hard way and doesnt want to go through another. So, within an hour after I wake up, I will take my Shaklee ESP + strawberry yogurt smoothie. Convenient and quick, it relieves hunger too (for a while). This is also my before-go-to-bed choice if i feel hungry. Sigh.. you heard it right, bed-time snacking. At least it is a low GI drink kannn ;)
*On the other note, dont skip any MEALS at all

If rajin, can try this recipe for brekkie.
Substitute Cinch with ESP
4. Ginger
Ginger is my go-to remedy whenever I feel bloated. I will go through all the trouble to prepare ginger+rock sugar concoction. I like the smell and also the taste, so refreshing and fast relieving. But, my masseus pesan...dont take ginger during the early pregnancy, panas katanya. Well, sikit-sikit ok kot coz I dont think there's other effective remedy as ginger for bloat. I'm not so rajin also these days to prepare the ginger thing. So, right now I will go for Shaklee Peppermint Ginger(SPG) as alternative. SPG can be crushed and serve as tea but the malas me, I just telan 3 biji. Then, I will (happily) burps(B) and farts(F) for errrr...couple of times after that. I know the B and F are DISTASTEFUL but please give face to the first trimester pregnant ladies. We have to get them out of our bodies.

 I really hope these tips will be very useful to you. These tips may work or not for you. That's normal as the way our bodies function are different from each other. Google other tips and try to make sure it works for you.

Please make doa' for me that my pregnancy goes smoothly until the end. Thank you :)

Oh...if you want to order Shaklee ESP or SPG, Whatsapp me at 019-4587610(Shikin Mohd Ali)
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ramai yang ambil remeh tentang kolesterol ni, termasuklah diri saya. Selalu sibuk pasal kalori je (nak kurus katanya) tapi tak pernah pun tahu  berapa paras kolesterol yg sihat. Tapi, Bengkel Kesihatan yang saya hadir baru-baru ni telah mengubah pandangan saya tentang kolesterol. Kenapa?

Paras kolesterol tinggi adalah penyebab penyakit merbahaya seperti :
- Penyakit jantung : punca 1 daripada 3 kematian di Malaysia
- Angin ahmar/strok
- Penyakit hati
- Diabetis : 1 daripada 7 rakyat Malaysia menghidap diabetes

Nampak tak?? Kesemua penyakit di atas ni top 5 dalam kategori punca kematian di Malaysia dan jumlah penghidap paling ramai. Tersentap akak ni. Kenapa? Sebab senang sangat nak kumpul kolesterol ni terutamanya dari pemakanan. Sebenarnya kita disarankan untuk ambil hanya 300mg sehari tapi agak-agaknya, tetiap hari berapa mg kolesterol yg kita ambil? Tengok berapa mg kolesterol dalam makanan favourite anda kat bawah ni? Sentap tak?

Bacaan Paras Kolesterol
Kolesterol ada dua jenis - HDL (baik) dan LDL (jahat).
Bacaan paras kolesterol normal ialah 5.2mg di mana:
- LDL tidak melebihi 2.6mg
- HDL diantara 1.1-1.4mg

Kebiasaannya, bila paras kolesterol tinggi melebihi 5.2mg, bacaan ALT (Liver Function Test) juga akan turut meningkat sebab hati adalah pembekal LDL dan HDL. Bacaan ALT normal pula ialah 40 IU/L.

Simptom-Simptom Paras Kolesterol Tinggi
  • Angina iaitu sakit dada atau ketidakselesaan 
  • Rasa sakit pada bahagian betis apabila berjalan pada jarak tertentu.
  • Stroke atau mini stroke berlaku apabila darah beku atau pendarahan (salur darah pecah) di bahagian tertentu otak. Ini menyebabkan bahagian otak yang terlibat akan hilang fungsi dan kelumpuhan anggota berlaku.
  • Plak pecah boleh menyebabkan berlakunya trombosis koronari dan penyumbatan aliran darah ke jantung iaitu serangan jantung
  • Xanthoma iaitu ketulan kuning pada kulit terutama di sekitar mata. Ketulan kuning ini disebabkan oleh penggumpulan lemak dan biasanya menyebabkan kolesterol tinggi dalam darah. 

Bagaimana Nak Turunkan Paras Kolestrol Tinggi?
Langkah yang paling utama perlu kita ambil ialah MENCEGAH PENYERAPAN KOLESTEROL.

Lebih daripada 80 kajian penyelidikan membuktikan fitosterol dapat membantu menghalang penyerapan kolesterol dalam salur darah dan menurunkan paras LDL (kolesterol jahat). Hanya dengan 10% penurunan LDL, ia dapat merendahkan risiko penyakit jantung sebanyak 20%. Institut Kesihatan Kebangsaan (NIH) mencadangkan pengambilan 2000mg fitosterol sehari dalam diet harian bagi menurunkan paras kolesterol secara semulajadi. 

ubat kolesterol
Hanya 1 tablet sehari, sudah mencukupi

Selain dari pengambilan Phytocol-ST, kita juga perlu kawal dan peka dengan kadar pengambilan kolesterol. Bersenam, berhenti merokok/minum arak, ambil lebih banyak makanan berserat juga dapat membantu menurunkan paras kolesterol tinggi.

Macam mana nak beli Phytocol?
SMS/WhatsApp : 019-4587610

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Testimoni dari pengguna-pengguna Shaklee Cinch Shake yang telah berjaya menurunkan berat dan menguruskan badan.








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